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Alex Drake Series 3 (Keeley Hawes)

The character like Sam in Ashes to Ashes. Alex has a daughter in the future called Molly. She is shot and finds herself in a coma and sent back to 1981. It is very likely she is the female officer that Sam was refering to at the end of Life on Mars before he threw himself off the top of the police station.

In Ashes to AshesEdit

Like Sam, Alex at first refuses to believe that she has been sent back in time. She continues to fight to get home, trying everything from trying to stop her parents dying in a car crash and preventing Operation Rose.

She begins to fall in love with Gene Hunt, causing conflicting problems between her daughter and him.
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Series 1

She recovers from her coma and returns home, only to f

Series 2

all back into the coma when she hears her friends calling from the past to her.

At first in series 3 she allows herself to be mislead by Keats, but when push comes to shove she stays loyal to Gene.

When pushed towards the afterlife she at first protests.

"Heaven: If Gene Hunt's not an angel. I'm not going"

However she parts from him with a kiss, before following the others into the after life.

Her appearance changes from series to series. Her hair length and colour scheme seem to be the most common thing to change.

She almost has sex with Gene at the end of the third series, then leaves him when Keats calls her away, telling her that he thinks that they've discovered where Sam Tyler's body is burried.