Jason Hughes as DS Ben Jones in The House in the Woods

Jason Hughes as DS Ben Jones

DS Ben Jones was a supporting character in Midsomer Murders. He was the last of DCI Tom Barnaby's sidekicks and the first to assist his successor John in the solving the various murders that take place in the county of Midsomer. He is played by Jason Hughes; in 2013 it was announced that Jason was also leaving Midsomer Murders and will be replaced by Gwilym Lee as DS Charlie Nelson.Unlike Troy and Scott, who first appeared on the series as plain-clothed detective sergeants, Jones was a uniformed police constable when he was first introduced. Jones was first appointed as a Detective Constable, as well as Barnaby's second-in-command. (after assisting Barnaby during Sgt Scott's absence) and promoted to Detective Sergeant by the end of his first series. Jones is considerably less naive than Troy or Scott, possessing an insight into cases that neither would have. Jones was born in Wales and remarks about his love for Wales when he and Tom travel there in the episode "Death and Dust". He is formerly a Freemason, as revealed in "King's Crystal". In the episode "Death in Chorus", Jones exhibits a remarkable vocal talent and is recruited to sing tenor in the Midsomer Worthy choir. In "Death in the Slow Lane", it is revealed that Jones was interested in replacing Tom Barnaby upon his retirement and was a little put out by his cousin, John Barnaby, being transferred to the position instead. In reality, he could not have been given the post because it would have required him to bypass the rank of inspector. In "Murder Of Innocence", it is revealed that Jones is in a relationship with firefighter Susie Bellingham.