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DI Lestrade (Rupert Graves)

DI of Scotland Yard. He is the only police officer that get on with Sherlock and values his input in cases. He works over DS Donovan and the Pathologist Anderson. He is noted in the last episode of the second series to be one of the characters that Sherlock is closest to.

In Sherlock

He often brings Sherlock in to help the police solves complex cases that the police are struggling with. He acts as a help to Sherlock in The Great Game Helping him to locate the clues that he needs to solve Moriarty's puzzles.

He appears again in the second series. Being sent down from London by Mycroft to keep an eye on Sherlock in Devon. Sherlock discovers in this episode that Lestrade's first name is Greg. Lestrade seems to enjoy being on a case with Sherlock, even exclaiming that he's having fun. He and John both discuss their speculations of Sherlock's weird behaviour.

He warns Sherlock ahead of time in the last episode that the police are coming to arrest him, and defends Sherlock from his lower and senior officers. He does not seem to have lost his confidence in Sherlock's abilities.

Proof that Sherlock does in fact appreciate Lestrade is that Lestrade's name is included by Moriarty in those close to Sherlock that will be killed if he doesn't kill himself.

Modern Lestrade

  • He is a Detective Inspector
  • The BBC Lestrade seems to get on better with Holmes
  • He now has two named people working under him