Gary Carr as Fidel Best

The younger investigator, Fidel has an unseen but pregnant wife (who gives birth to a daughter in the first series' finale). He is described as the best organiser on the team, often being entrusted with collecting fingerprints and organising witness statements. He is also arguably the most eager of the team, willing to go above and beyond what is asked of him and also seems to be the most eager to get Poole's approval (working to impress the Inspector, who appreciates Fidel's initiative). During series 2 Fidel is studying to become a sergeant, after being recommended for the exam by Poole in reflection of his fine work. He spend much of the latter half of the series growing increasingly nervous and worked up and briefly considers not sitting the exam. However after encouragement from Myers, Bordey and Poole he sits the exam and is informed he passed in the last episode of series 2.