DCI Matt Burke

Alex Norton as DCI Matt Burke

Tough talking no-nonsense D.C.I. Matt Burke, played by Alex Norton, faced a difficult start to his posting at the Maryhill headquarters following much loved D.C.I. Michael Jardine, and before that D.C.I. Taggart himself. After a rough start he earnt the respect of his team for his hard work and uncompromising values.

Like a new teacher with an unruly class, Burke was keen to set the standard from day one and ruled with an iron rod, not allowing the team to slack off because of the tragic circumstances. With wild card Ross to keep an eye on and Reid getting over the failure of her marriage and the death of Jardine, Burke had his work cut out.

However behind his gruff exterior lies a man fiercely loyal to his team and quick to praise them for good work. With pressure from above to apply for a position elsewhere and Ross’ personal problems raising eyebrows around the office Burke has a lot on his plate on top of solving some of Glasgow’s grisliest crimes.

Behind his caustic wit lies a more vulnerable man than we might expect; with Chief Super Karen Campbell on the warpath Burke wonders whether she is right to think his methods are outdated.