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Mr Southouse (Alun Armstrong)

Mr Southouse played by Alun Armstrong in Garrow's Law. He is Garrow's attorney, and sometimes seems to be acting guardian. He dies in the last episode of series 3, leaving a young man in connection with him, George Pinnock in Garrow's care.

In Garrow's Law

He instucts Garrow and often has to look out for him when Garrow loses his head and heart to Lady Sarah, and does so continually whenever she is nearby.

Mr John Southouse is friends with Lady Sarah, but he still holds Garrow above her. Telling Garrow to publicly reject her if she claims that the baby is in fact Garrow's rather than her husband's.

He has connections with a young man called George Pinnock, though it is unknown quite what these are, but the young man seems highly distressed by his death at the end of Series 3. He dies of Gaol Feaver.