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Shaz Granger (Montserrat Lombard)

Portrayed by Montserrat Lombard in Ashes to Ashes. She is Chris' girlfriend, and later his fionsé, though the engagment is later broken off while Alex is in a coma between series 2 & 3.

In Ashes to AshesEdit

During the first two series, Granger is displayed to be unfulfilled with her current tasks within CID. Along with this, Granger has demonstrated a "keen intelligence and diverse knowledge" on literature, history and the arts. She has also been referred to as an "lobotomised Essex girl" by Gene Hunt.

Since the protagonist's arrival in the series, Alex Drake and she have become friends.

During episode two of the third series, Granger contemplates leaving the Metropolitan Police. However, after going undercover to catch a serial killer - during which she saves herself from an attempt on her life - and Hunt's promises to allow her into CID by Christmas, she decides to stay.

She and Ray share a rivalry over Chris' attention, and don't get on well in the first series; though their relationship appears to improve over the next series.

She is stabbed in Series 1 Episode 7, but survives thanks to the CPR administered by Alex on the scene.

Her relationship with Chris variates through the series, though by the end she and Chris seem to have made up their differences.

Shaz has a fear of sharp objects. It is first thought that this came from her stabbing in the first series, but is later revealed to be because of her death in her previous life.

She is promoted to WDC before passing into the next life.

Previous LifeEdit

She was killed during 1995 attempting to apprehend a would-be car thief, who stabs her in the abdomen with a screwdriver, leaving her to bleed to death. The world she occupies during the series is a form of limbo.