Silvester (Left) Aidan McArdle

Garrow's main rival in the Courtroom. The two often end up fighting on oposite sides in cases. Silvester is an Oxford educated gentleman, and starts of looking down on Garrow, though he begins to respect him more as the series goes on.

In Garrow's LawEdit

Silvester is a complex but rather snobby character from a privaliged gentlemanly background.

He is more polite than Garrow in The Bailey, and seems to have a better control over his temper.

During a fight the two are having, Silvester insults Lady Sarah, and Garrow challanges him to a duel - unknown to him that Silvester is an excilent shot. When Garrow refuses to shoot him, Silvester shoots Garrow in the shoulder, but does not kill him, he also acts as defence for Garrow in the case against Sir Arthur Hill. He enjoys his rivallry with Garrow and doesn't want it to end with Garrow's arrest, dissmisal or death.

Although he is snobbish, he does have the capability to be kind or feel guilty, sometimes even looking regretful when he wins, even if he knows Garrow's client was innocent.