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William Garrow (Andrew Buchan)

Based on the true character William Garrow and played by Andrew Buchan. The true William Garrow was alive in the late 1700s and early 1800s. He is a barrister to stand for the rights of those that others are not too keen to defend, while at the same time fighting for laws and regulations to be changed.

In Garrow's Law

He is a headstrong man, with strong opinions that he sometimes gets carried away with. Even so his heart and head are always in the right place. He is guided by his attorny Mr Southouse.

He is in love with Lady Sarah Hill, and by the end of the last series they are living together, even if they are not married yet, and she is pregnent with his child. Garrow himself is accused of being Lady Sarah's first born child's father (something he is not guilty of) by Sir Arthur. Later, Garrow also fights to have Lady Sarah reunited with her son.

In court he is often against Silvester, the two share a dislike but also a rivalry with one another. In the first series, Garrow challanges Silvester to a gun duel. He then however refuses to shoot Silvester, firing at the ground insted. Silvester claims that this is an insult and shoots Garrow anyway, though he aims for the shoulder and does not kill him. Silvester also acts as Garrow's defence in the case against Sir Arthur Hill, conserning Garrow and Lady Sarah's relationship, even after he mocked him so openly in court about it.

Although he does not always win his cases, he always makes an impression that leaves the jury and judges to think on what he has said and tried to prove.